Saturday, June 07, 2008


Somthing to talk about

Not much is going on this week, thus no post.

I have a bizarre combination of food left over from camping. It's enough that I don't really want to go shopping, but nothing goes together so I'm left eating random combinations or going out. I went out for lunch twice this week. Which reminds me I have to get $5 to give to EZE.

One of the things I've got are Twistos - Giant brand Oreos. I bring this up only to say that I like Oreos stale. They're better when they're a little chewy and you don't need to soak them in milk to make them soft, but you still can. I like having the milk option.

My watch broke the other day. I woke up at 4 am (used a clock people) with something poking me in the back. The band on my watch had completely snapped and was in the middle of my bed. I tried to wear another one but didn't notice until I had already left the house that the battery in it was broken. I am such a watch freak. My arm is a different color where the watch goes. That is a huge item on my list of things to do this week because I feel totally off without it.

I can't wait until the actual competition starts on both So You Think you can Dance and America's Next Best Dance Crew.

I have random poison ivy. There are about 4 bumps behind my right knee, 3 dots on my right hand and a small clump on my left elbow and 3 bumps on my back near my right hip. I don't know how the hell that happened. I know we were hiking last week and I know that's where I got it, I just don't know how it only ended up in those spots.

I'm going to go decide what to do today. It's 100 outside and it's a debate between washing some coolers and taking a nap before doing other stuff. I think I'm leaning towards napping for now. Maybe I'll screw around online for a bit first. That's one bad thing about getting my computer fixed - now I have to catch up on approx. 8 months worth of blogs from the sites I used to read.

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