Tuesday, June 10, 2008



It was hot. Work was somewhat stressful. I got home, let the dog out then immediately went to Walmart to get groceries and to buy a watch. My watch broke last week and I have been slightly insane without one.

I bought 3 six packs of different beers. I got Michelob Ultra (one Lime Cactus & one Tuscan Orange & grapefruit (or something like that)) and then Blue Moon. I got the Mic Ultras because my sister was talking about them the other day when she was in the store and how it sounded nasty. So I thought I'd try them. I thought Miller Chill with the lime was ok - although I normally could only drink half a beer and it had to be really cold or else I though it tasted like shit. I haven't tried Bud Lime. I also normally like Blue Moon on draft and have yet to try bottles so I hope it's good - I did buy an orange for it and have a mug in the freezer for tomorrow.

I normally don't buy beer. I haven't been drinking all that much in the last few years. A beer here and there and an occasional drink if I go out. True, lots of posts on this blog say otherwise, but normally I am posting snippets of my life that involve something special - like a Wednesday. Generally I am by myself and I don't drink by myself. Today was just such a weird/stressful day that I really just wanted a beer. So I bought a bunch. I am 3/5 through with a Lime Cactus and it was ok - nothing that special about it.

I was also confused/annoyed at Walmart. I had a list of stuff to buy because I want to try and make felafel pitas. In order to make the sauce I need tahini - sesame paste. Food Lion in Carthage, NC does not have it. I wouldn't really think that Walmart would have it either except that they have some random stuff. They have tapanad, and roasted red peppers. However the "International" Isle really means Spanish crap. If I was looking for chilies I'd of been set. they also have quite a lot of Asian cuisine. Anyway. Now I have to try the Whole Foods for tahini and either see if they have good pitas/flatbread or go back to Food Lion which surprisingly did have flatbread - and good flatbread at that. Stupid random stuff at random groceries.

Upon getting home with all my groceries I was sweating like all get out. I took off my work clothes and put the groceries away in my bra, underwear and flip flops - yea I don't really know either which is why I thought I'd post it. Then I was incredibly lazy and instead of going upstairs, I rooted around the laundry basket (which is full of dirty clothes) and pulled out my camping pjs and threw them on. Hey, it was after 8 before I got home and put everything away and I was tired and starving.

The one really good thing about today is that I made strawberry shortcake. I got an angel food cake, broke it up, & layered strawberries and whipped cream and the repeated. It's freaking good.

On a totally unrelated and somewhat disturbing note, I think my dog has a yeast infection. Last week she had really bright red bumps on her tummy. Now the bumps are gone, but there is black flaky stuff all around (not her ears though thank you!). My other dog Teak had similar problems. According to her vet, she was allergic to grass. Layla has never had a problem with that before. I think the combination of the heat, her bath/haircut & camping caused the problem. She's eating fine and doesn't scratch too much. She has a vet appointment on Friday so I'll see. But google says it happens and her symptoms fit. And if google says it, it must be true. All I know is I'm washing my hands a lot more.

I finally have blog - yeah!
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