Saturday, July 26, 2008



I haven't had a pedicure in a long time. This is a problem because I spend the majority of the day on my feet, often in heels, and I get very callused feet. I have one of those foot scrapers that they're not supposed to use in nail salons anymore (thanks Paula Abdul) and use it, but I just hadn't gotten around to it lately. I tell you all of that so that you understand this story:

I got a pedicure today. And the lady made fun of my feet. In Korean (I'm assuming). I knew she was talking about the callus parts because she looked at my foot, then picked up the other, then yelled in Korean, then went in the back to get a special tool. Then showed my foot to the lady she was yelling at. Yea.

Also, every time I get a pedicure they ask if I also want a manicure (only $10 more). Then, regardless of if I accept the deal or say no, I am asked if I bite my fingernails and am then told to stop it - partly in Korean. I'm going to keep biting them, so stop yelling at me about it. I don't pay you for therapy!

At least nobody hit me like they did to Mon that time we went with Bex. She took her foot out of the water too early for her stylist (?) and she hit her on the leg. It was quite hilarious.

At least she didn't throw a bunch of fishes into the water!
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