Monday, July 07, 2008


I found tahini

There isn't a Whole Foods near me (at least I am not aware of one, which probably means if I go around the corner in the direction I never go it will be right there). There is a Fresh Market. And damn if that store isn't expensive as crap. I know Whole Foods is too, but still. My Fresh Market doesn't have a regular salad bar either - there is an olive bar, and one of those pre-made salad bar (like pasta salad), and a nut bar (hee I just wanted to say nut bar because it's actually a bunch of nut barrels lined up). They also have lots of coffee which smelled really really good.

I went in search of tahini and finally found it. But, those bastards only had really crappy pitas. I can't believe Food Lion has the best pitas - depressing. They did have good pita chips which I bought and a really really good lemon, pine nut & orzo salad. On Saturday I made the felafels - the ones that fried longer tasted better. The dressing (which was what needed the tahini) turned out really well (I think) and I actually kept that and have been using it as dip for the aforementioned pita chips. I had a very Greek weekend. I also had regular hummus and then roasted red pepper hummus (which actually tastes really good on a pizza with feta or fresh mozzarella).

Just thought I'd share my tahini triumph with you because I know you've been anticipating this post since my last one when I was still searching.

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