Thursday, July 03, 2008


Why I need a Target

Tomorrow Layla & I, along with some co-workers, are going to be in the annual 4th of July Pet Parade in Pinehurst. Today I went to PetSmart (and got a harness and a squeaky frog), the Dollar Tree (scented bubbles for some kids) and Walmart (2 DVDs, diet Coke, wooden sticks for a sign). One of the main reasons I went to the stores was to find something to put on the dog's head - preferably a hat designed for a dog with velcro and whatnot, but a head band with bobbles on it would have worked. None of these stores had anything close. Target, on the other hand, has the wonderful dollar isle when you walk in the store. It's full of crap, but said crap is awesome. We went in May and they already had blinking shot glasses, fans, sparklers, crazy glasses etc. for the 4th. The closest Target to my house is 45 minutes away. $1 crap isn't worth the drive time, but damn, I need me some $1 crap isles! And that is why I need a Target.

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