Monday, August 18, 2008


Text messages

I totally stole this idea from here, but all the texts were either in my inbox or outbox and are in no particular order, enjoy:

HAHAHAHA I just laughed really hard

Good. In bed now

I love me some him!


Sara’s a sad Panda! Holly does not love her

I got a chili pepper piñata and a giant blow up cactus! Awesome!

Next time I will roll like a champion

All done what are you doing? No leftovers

Who sings just died in ur arms tonight?

Roger…When does the friendly get back in town?

Tell me anything – it’s the juicy black butt

He is the sexiest man I have seen with braces

I am but I’m dressed now and waiting to get picked up

Group dance?

Quail eggs? Sick

I hope you get drunk. I’m waiting on the cable guy

I like to dance!

She looks like America ferrarah but it’s not her

Should I be pissed? His friend was magdy.

Roy I am on the crapper

Be home soon doll

You Haha. Strongbow sucks but its better than Woodchuck

Busting a maintain

Gee gosh both you and the small bread must have been out of the loop for awhile. It means line of like whats up or whats going on.

Jurassic Park is on TBS – HAHA

Yea 3 but u didn’t know about the first

What the f that is not going to be talked about at my graduation

Dropd in the can

Gladiators ready!

If you google me and you together you are my son.


Good news for you – Phil Collins got divorced.

Ok. PS you smell.

How do you poop on a peach?

The pedicure lady just made fun of my feet in Korean.

Cool. Later player.

Nm prob. Hows Idaho?

Im watching men in tights

No. Some of these people are nuts.

All the good white ones are gay

I would give him to you if I could.

Are you watching Password?

Battle parmesan

They do shit like that all the time. At least nobody has used an eye.

You are so in trouble

Fun. You missed the dumbest dance ever

What are you doing today? I am at a beer tasting

Been in pjs since 6!

Fine I’ll cancel life and come tomorrow

Thank you! I was right! I am camping now. Remember when whit hit his face that time?

The girls name in the Christmas episode was laura

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