Sunday, September 07, 2008


3 totally unrelated things

First, it always makes me miss vacation when I open a book and sand falls out. Although it's slightly annoying if you've just changed the sheets.

Second, I felt like the worst fan ever earlier this week when I found out that Sugarland had a new CD out and I hadn't heard anything about it. A girl at work happened to have the CD, was playing a song and I thought the voice sounded familiar. Then I went and bought the extended version. Pretty good. It's like their other CDs though in that they have all the fast songs first and then the end gets really slow. I do like the couple live songs they do.

Third, which I guess is slightly related to the second, so my title is wrong, is I'm old. I don't really listen to the radio that much anymore (which is why I didn't know about the Sugarland song) because I have CDs and/or my Ipod on instead. I'm only in the car for about 20 minutes each way, and I hate talk radio, so I never have the radio on in the morning and generally if it's on in the evening it's on an oldies station or one that plays classic rock or 80s. The girls in the front listen to one most of the day and that's when I hear new songs. What made me think I'm old though is that tonight was the 25th VMAs on MTV. I knew about 1/2 of the acts and I hated the other ones. This is what people call music?? I have turned into an old person!

Well I am older than you because I could NOT even watch the VMAs - it is just too much for me - and not in a good way - it is all a bunch of foolishness! Way to still be partially hip!
I only watched random parts, mainly during commericals of Murder She Wrote. Kidding about the MSW, but not so much with the only watching in small parts; I couldn't take more then about 5 minutes straight. Also, what the hell is John Norris still doing as a VJ? The dude has got to be 50. Know when to quit man.
Ryan, I'm with ya...we're's true. At least you're not surrounded by 22 year olds every day like I am.
Also, I didn't realize Fringe was a new show...I assumed it was a movie so when you texted me I didn't watch it...darn! Let me know if it's still good...I'm not sure I'd like a show that's like the x-files. Also, still working on your CD. Love ya!
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