Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Car problems

So a few weeks ago my car was smelling like gas every time I drove it (fuel gas not butt gas). I sort of ignored it for awhile because I was afraid it was a transmission problem and I really can't afford a new transmission, plus the thing is a 96 Villager so it's probably not worth the $$. I know, it's stupid to wait on something like that because if the problem is caught early, it's easier to fix. But, whatever.

Then I drove to Raleigh 2 weekends ago and my brother and his roommate both yelled at me because of the smell etc. I waited until this Monday to go to a garage. The main reason I went is because the smell was stronger than ever and then the car stalled. Luckily I got it to the garage without it stalling again.

When I got there, I told them what the problem was and asked them to take a look. One of the mechanics stopped me as I was filling out some paperwork and said, "You can not drive that car!". He took me out and showed me a wet spot on the engine block. Apparently, my car was spraying gas on my engine. As in I am lucky as hell that I didn't get blown up. Oops. They told me they'd have to take apart some crap in order to see what was causing the problem and I asked them to take a look at my brakes while they were in there.

I got a call later in the afternoon and was preparing for the worst. I was hoping, just be less than $$ (not telling you how sad my budget is). Good news! My brakes are fine & they only had to replace 2 gas hoses - no transmission problems! $50!!! Yay!

When I went to pay, a different mechanic came in and showed me the hoses. The rubber was so corroded that it had spider webbed and cracked and you basically see through it. Oops again. Now I know better - if you smell gas, go asap to shop. Thanks for looking out for me guardian angel!

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