Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Go Dawgs!

I love when UGA is in the news, on ESPN etc. So you can imagine how happy I was when I opened up a window (my home page is yahoo) actually to post about something else and the top headline story was about Knowshon Moreno jumping over a Central Michigan guy in last week's game. Here's the link to the story and the video clip. Coolio.

What I was actually going to post about the new series Fringe on Fox. I watched it because of Pacey (damn Joshua Jackson keeps getting hotter and hotter - and I loved him from the first Mighty Ducks on). I actually kind of like the show so far. It's a little X-Files, which I watched religiously, but then grew out of. The stuff they were showing though was pretty gross. I hope it doesn't stop me watching the show, but I really don't need to see someone's face fall off. And I hope only the pilot will be an hour and a half, because with my lack of DVR, it cuts into Greek and that's all I have to say about that.

Additionally, I found this website a few months ago and just was reminded of it recently. I love Scrubs. I watch it almost everyday at one of the multiple times it's on. Oddly I haven't seen most of last season's episodes because they keep not showing them. I like the characters, actors etc. but I do think they have an excellent music director who picks some great songs. I actually have a bunch of them. Anyway, I saw an episode last week which led to me downloading this song. I love it! It's very dirty, but with a kind of melody where if you're not really paying attention it sounds sweet, which is another reason I like it.

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