Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Labor Day Weekend

This weekend I went to Raleigh. I hadn't seen my brother since the beach, and he's going to get his assignment any day now, so I want to spend time with him while I can. Plus, the UGA v. GA Southern game was on PPV and I wanted to watch it at Sammy's with the Raleigh Alumni Association. That's my brother on the damn front page by the way. I was sitting across the table from him but was cut off. I'm not totally pissed because it would have been a god awful picture of me, and I don't need that on the internet, but seriously, he didn't go there and he was wearing a shirt he stole from me 3 years ago! Sons a bitches. Also the guy standing in front of the TV had a hat that had a super G on it that would light up. It was cute. Then again he left at halftime.

Anyway, after the game (Go Dawgs!) we went to play disk golf with second brother and his girlfriend and I got the shit bit out of me by mosquitoes. Then Sunday we kind of hung around and tried to go golfing but were lightninged out. When we got home 2nd bro said, "Are we having family fun night?" and it made me all squishy inside because I love that stuff. M&S taught me & my brother a new card game that their grandpa plays at the Moose Lodge called scat. It was fun. Then we played various other board games including Mad Gab, which I had never really played before. Some of them were hilarious.

Overall we really didn't do anything special, but that's what I like about going up there. I have people I love around me and we can do or not do something and it's all good. They like it when I go up there because, although they won't admit it, they love Layla (aka Henry to them) and because I help them clean their house. And because, while they could play all the same stuff we played this weekend, they don't without me.

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