Monday, September 29, 2008


Please explain

Someone who watches Dancing with the Stars, please help me. Every time they show the band and the singers (who are great, don't get me wrong), there is a woman in the front who ALWAYS has some weird thing on her head. Is it a religious thing? Does she think it just looks cool? Is she somehow obsessed with Stars Wars & the Princess Leia costume? Please tell me why she wears it!!! I so want to make fun of it, but if it's like a thing that keeps her wig on to cover up early baldness or something, I don't want to bring that karma my way - I already have thin enough hair as is.

On a side note about DWTS, the show is still annoying me. 2 hours is way too damn long. Maybe I'm just getting a little bored with it. Unlike So You Think You Can Dance, they really haven't added anything "new" to the show. Yeah, it gets new celebrities and they try to mix it up, but when you have the same 6 dances, and then get yelled at by a judge when you add different choreography, there's not much else you can do. I really loved seasons 2-whatever the last one was, but for some reason, I'd rather watch the crappy (albeit awesome) teeny bopper shows that share the same time slot instead and catch the recap on instead.

Also, the dancers don't get to pick their own music, so if you're going to give them "I Kissed a Girl" for the paso, then expect something not typical. If you want it to be fair, they should all have similar music. Shut it Len.

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