Sunday, September 14, 2008


Red Drawers

I've only told maybe 3 people about one of my football superstitions that I am about to share with you. Since my freshman year at UGA, I've worn red underwear on game day. I know that my choice of undergarment really doesn't decide the outcome of games. There have been a few times where I was wearing red and Georgia lost. But, I can tell you, the few times I did not wear red, we lost - such as last year's loss to South Carolina.

The reason I decided to bring this up is because of yesterday's game against SC. The game was at 3:30 & I had to leave my house at 5 to go to some work thing. I decided to stay in pjs until I had to take a shower and leave. I was not wearing red underwear at that time. By the time I hit the shower, Georgia was up 3-0. As I was in the shower, the Gamecocks went ahead 7-3 (still no red unmentionables). I put on red underwear and what happens? We go to the end zone and the half runs out. Then, with the red drawers - we win 14-7. Coincidence that we were losing without the red panties and that we won once I got them on? Probably, but that fact will keep my superstition alive and means that I must go buy some more.

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