Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Secret Shame

I am going to profess my new secret shame (as opposed to the others I've shared with all of you, some of you or the ones I will take to my grave): I still love New Kids on the Block.

I had the albums, except the horrible last one before the melt down in the 90s. "Popsicle" is still one of my all time favorite songs and never fails to make me smile - just ask my sister. Joey & Jordan were my favorites and I had posters, and buttons (Joey had a big one, Jordan had a little one). I think if Jordan wasn't sporting a rat-tail he would have been my fave. I had a video (as in VHS tape) of "backstage" that I got for a birthday one year. It was love.

When I read about the reunion on yahoo! after the announcement on the Today show, I was so excited! I waited for awhile before I decided to buy the new album because I was gun shy - would it bring me back? I bought the new New Kids album a few weeks ago because I had to go to Best Buy and it was on sale. Plus I liked that "Summertime" song. The album is so deliciously awful/good. There are some songs that are so stupid you can't help laughing. Then they get in your head and you love them!! One that I can specifically reference is "Dirty Dancing". The lyrics are somewhat ridiculous, but it has a good back beat and it's catchy man. Just like the old school version.

On a slightly different topic, I never liked the fact that they "changed" the name to NKOTB. That's just dumb. It's ok to have it as shorthand on merchandise, like the Weezer ""W"", but it takes just as long to say and it's just dumb.

Additionally, to add to the shame, I watched the VH1 Behind the Music on the New Kids the other night. I wasn't as excited as Maria Menudos, but it was damn close. Oh how I often miss the 80s, and I'm glad that they're back, albeit with a stronger bass.

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