Thursday, October 23, 2008



Last night I was talking to my sister and I told her I was having an old lady day. She laughed and asked what I meant. I explained to her that I was sitting on the couch, wearing socks (which is something I hardly ever do) because I had taken a chill, was underneath an afghan, drinking tea, while cookies were baking for work and (here's the kicker) I was knitting. The picture would have been complete if I had been watching JAG instead of Private Practice and Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

It actually made me feel nostalgic towards Peggy because she was a knitter. It also made me a little sad because I never actually spent enough time with her for her to be able to teach me, and once I started to learn, she had already passed away before I could get tips etc. It also made me laugh a little because in my comparison, she would have been drinking wine, sitting in a rocker with a heating pad instead of a blanket. But she totally would have been watching JAG...or Match Game.

Also, I finished the scarf tonight!! It was my first "big" knitting project. The first thing I actually knitted was a ghetto fab "pot holder" (read: attempt at scarf failed miserably). The scarf actually looks pretty cute and I wish I had a camera that actually worked so I could show you. It's very narrow (only 12 loops) but longish (about to the top of my hips on both sides when it's around my neck). I think I will probably wear it in public, so at least that's something.

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