Friday, October 31, 2008



Today is Halloween. I did not wear orange. I tried to, with a black suit, so I could be both professional and dressed up. The problem is that I have 2 pieces of orange clothing - a sweatshirt and a bathing suit. Both are unacceptable under a suit jacket. I also tried to find some skull earrings that I used to have and couldn't find them. Then I thought about wearing cow ones, but then I thought people wouldn't figure it out so I didn't.

I've also spent the last 2 hours avoiding trick-or-treaters. Hey, when I get home I like to put on pjs (I have super cute cheetah ones on) and relax. It's not relaxing for me to open the door where I could be shot (I know I am paranoid), random people are going to look at me in said pjs (although I got the mail in them the other day) and I'd have to hold the dog as I fork over candy. Last year the turning off of all the lights did not deter said trick-or-treaters. This year, I turned out the lights, except for a small lamp downstairs and the TV upstairs, I then put a plastic pumpkin with a bag of candy on the porch. The coup de grace is that I moved my large trash can and put it on top of my "welcome friends" doormat right in front of the door. So far people have seemed to get the hint. I have however, had to shut the bedroom and/or office door and lock the dog in because she whines like a mo-fo every time someone comes by if she can see them. She is dressed up in her UGA jersey (which she will also wear tomorrow - GO DAWGS!!).

So yes, I am being somewhat of a Halloween Scrooge, but so what. I don't have kids yet, I don't live in a neighborhood, drug dealers leave close to me and I want to be in jammies. Just because I like to decorate for Halloween doesn't mean I have to give candy to people.

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