Sunday, October 12, 2008


Stop that racket!!

My house was always a quiet place. The backyard butts up to a bunch of trees and weeds which creates a natural boarder. That allows me to let the dog out to pee without wearing pants. I love that boarder. When I moved in a year ago (a YEAR ago!!!???) on the other side of the boarder was an empty lot and then a main street. A few months ago construction started. It's going to be offices on the bottom a 3 apartments on top. Hopefully (fingers tightly crossed) they won't f with the boarder. Also hopefully, my landlords won't sell this place for lots of money. I still think this area specifically is zoned residential only and they can't build a new building here, so I think I'm ok. The point is though, that these construction people are going at it all damn day - on weekends too. And normally it's not bad, a whizz here, a whir there, hammer hammer and done. But the last 2 days, they have been moving something and it's making loud, house shaking bangs. I thought it was thunder. And it comes at random times. And it's loud. And did I mention that my house moves? Cause it does. And I feel/hear it upstairs and down stairs and it is affecting my Sunday nap time. So, in the words of parents and/or old people everywhere (of which I am neither, but somehow have adopted their verbage), "Stop that racket" construction workers, or you're all going to get grounded.

damn them for interrupting your sunday nap! blasphemy!
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