Monday, November 17, 2008


Nothing New

I haven't posted in awhile basically because I have nothing new to add. Veterans Day was a day off for me. I stayed in pjs and read 2 books. That was about the same for the weekend (although it was raining on the weekend, well at least Saturday, so that counts). I got back into the reading habit. I went to the library and it had been so long they had to renew my card (I go to a sort of special library where you actually have to live in the city and not just the county - I belong to the county one too). They now have this weirdo system that allows you to scan your card, then stick the books in a stack and it reads them all. But they don't stamp the books so you have to get a receipt to tell you when everything is due.

It's getting colder now in NC. I am still trying to go as long as I can without turning on the heat (hello Christmas money). One plus (or minus) about cold weather is that the dog tends to actually sleep the whole night in the bed instead of jumping to the floor when I turn off the light. The bad part is that on more than one occasion I have had a foot in my face, or my back or a kidney. The weirdest was when I woke up and I was on my back, she was on her back perpendicular to me, with her head on my chest, looking at me (but asleep). It is very strange to wake up with a snout in your face.

Seriously, that has been the most interesting thing to happen to me in the last week or so. I have been incredibly lazy and in a snuggling under blankets with tea etc. and reading mood. Hopefully this next week will be more exciting.

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