Sunday, November 23, 2008



This weekend I went to Raleigh. My brother is between duty stations (he has to report to VA on Monday) and I haven't seen him in a long time. The whole point was that I was going to help him arrange/pack some of his stuff so that when March comes around his move out will be super fast. That didn't happen. On Saturday I got there and he had "made a pile" of stuff that was trash, stuff for good will and stuff he wanted to take with him to VA. That was it. And that's all we did. I got his Playstation and a set of golf clubs to bring to my house. Then we went to my aunt & uncle's house to watch the UNC/NC State game (go Pack!). We had an outdoor fire and grilled a beer butt chicken on the grill. We also played about 4 games of Candyland and did various other activities with my youngest cousins. That night we went back to the boys' house and had an indoor fire (they don't turn their heat on - only the fire in the living room and portable heaters in bedrooms - it was 45 degrees on Saturday morning - inside).

Sunday the boys and I went to Golden Corral. There were quite a few interesting people there, including a Mexican cowboy, a young Conan O'Brien (who got potatoes everywhere and M&S sang the Conan theme song whenever he went by), an old lady who sat in my seat, a waiter who had he sleeves rolled up James Dean style, a group of 10 guys in camo who had clearly gone hunting that morning, an old man with the CAT trucker hat, and a bunch of Navy guys (it was Navy eats free day). I'll tell you something, those boys can make me laugh. I wasn't prepared for the Corral though and took like a 3 hour nap when I got home. Overall, good weekend.

** I forgot the part that I originally intended to be the "point' of this post. Today, I smell like a dude. Partly due to all the wood fires and the fact that I am wearing the same jeans 2 days in a row so that I smell like I've been camping. Partly due to the fact that I forgot deodorant and thus am wearing the new Old Spice.

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