Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Thanksgiving: Part 1- plane etiquette

I went home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I flew because my mom found a good deal on a flight. My brother & sister flew too. Early on Wednesday evening, I parked at the Park & Ride at RDU and called my mom. The little bus came and I told her I'd call her later. No more than 15 minutes later, this conversation happened:

Me - "hey mom, remember when I called you and told you I was getting on the bus?"
Mom - "yes"
Me - "guess where I am now"
Mom - "Still on the bus?"
Me - "At the gate."
Mom - "What? That's crazy! All 32 security lines are open in Atl"
Me - "All...both, are open here".

People, I love me some RDU. I had to get my boarding pass too! The "wait" for security was like 2 minutes and I had to go back through the metal detector because I had my cell in my pocket (whoops). The one bad thing is the lack of places to eat. I did have a nice burger and huge beer at the sports bar there, but if you get stuck at night, the only thing open is Popeye's chicken, which eww.

The flight down was uneventful. But Internet, let me give you a hypothetical:

You're on a plane. It's 2 seats, aisle, 3 seats. You are in the middle seat on the 3 side. There is a person next to you by the window, thus leaving the aisle seat open. What do you do?

If you didn't say MOVE OVER then you must be the lady that sat next to me. I mean come on! It's an open seat. I'm not exactly a skinny person either, so you must have enjoyed the fact that my thigh touched yours for the majority of the flight. Seriously people, if the opportunity comes to give yourself and other people some more room - do it. Even if it's just an hour flight. I'm not saying you should move 4 rows up or anything, but sliding over 1 seat isn't that complicated.

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