Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Christmas and whatnot

I've been meaning to update this thing for the past couple of weeks. I knew there would be a week or so during and around the holidays where I wouldn't post, but I had no idea it was going to be this long. I planned to break this into multiple smaller posts, but I think at this point it's just going to have to be 1 big post, with little chunks.


My family and I did Christmas as usual - half in DE and half in MD. On Christmas day we took my grandma to see Bolt, and it happened to be the 3D version (oh, by the way grandma has glaucoma, my brother had Lasik, I had Lasik and need a correction and my mom wears glasses). So that was fun. The first 20 minutes everything was screwed up, then the movie stopped and started over with correct 3D imaging and we all ended up ok.
Dinner all around was good. We opened presents at my aunt Sue's house, which was a first. I got a camera, which I still don't know how to use. We did Hackman Christmas on the 27th at my aunt Mary's house, which was another first. That went well too. A bunch of gag presents were given out and everyone had a good time. The only downfall is that we stayed with an aunt & uncle who smoke, and everything smells like smoke and your eyes get all dry but you can't say anything because it's their house. I wish I had updated sooner because then I could tell you all about the American Jingle Toy and other random antics, but those stories will just have to wait until another time.

How My Mom Lost the Dog

My mom stayed at my house an extra night after we got back from the family before her drive back to Atlanta. She picked up the dog from the vet and brought her home while I went to work. I had taken a day off and was swamped. I got a call around 1 saying my mom had lost my dog. At first I didn't believe her. Layla has a tendency to slip out of her collar if it's not really tight. I know this and don't let her stay outside for more than 15 minutes at a time. My mom forgot, got busy on the computer doing work, and about 2 hours later went looking for her. Apparently Layla went to 2-3 shops and got cookies and other treats but none of the places actually held onto her. My mom put up lost dog posters, called the police, animal control and about 5 other places. We still couldn't find her. We went to get some dinner at Panera, when we got a call from the PD giving us the number of the person who found the dog. Turns out they had a golden and the 2 dogs spent the afternoon running around a backyard. My dog didn't even have the decency to look shameful. So after we took all the signs down, we went to see Marley & Me. I am so freaking glad that we found the dog first. I cried enough anyway!

New Year's with Brother

I didn't exactly know what my New Year's plans were going to be, but I definitely didn't plan what happened. My brother called around 2 on NYE and said I'm on my way to your house, make sure you're there to let me in. I was able to leave work a few minutes early and we decided to go to dinner and see what happened from there. Around 7:30 we decided to go check to see if the liquor store was opened (it was- and it's within walking distance from my house, which is awesome). So loaded down with paper bags, we walked back to my house and proceeded to make pitchers of random beverages and play super drinking board games. We actually got super juvenile and played Operation and Memory and let me tell you, SD Memory will get you drunk. As it got closer to midnight we made Cham-Chams (aka Chambord & Champagne and side note again, did you know Chambord has it's own website?...third side note, I love Chambord in part because of the bottle). The annoying part was that my brother kept saying Cham-Chams. Then he asked my if I had plastic bags and bleach. That disturbed me. So he proceeded to tell me how he has just gotten the small pox vaccine and that you have to dispose of the band-aid in bleach and double plastic bags and how they get a lecture on not hitting people in there injection sites to stop the spread of the disease and how you get poked with a fork in order to get it. Then a few days later I got this in an email:

That's the small pox...and pus. It should end up looking like a regular scar. He said it looked like a weird nipple, which prompted my mom to respond that she doesn't like the word nipple. Gotta love my family.

Sinus Infection or The Reason Why My Christmas Tree is Still Up

Two weekends ago I got a fever. I thought I was catching my sister's cold. Then it went away. I was planning on cleaning my house and putting away all my decorations his past weekend when I got another fever. It lasted from Friday night until Monday morning. That's when I decided to go to the doctor's. I have a sinus infection. Yea. I'm on drugs now. My house still isn't clean though because I slept all weekend and haven't felt like doing anything the rest of the week (thus no updates). I do have to clean somewhat before this weekend because I am going back to DE to help my cousin with wedding stuff and someone is watching my dog. The Christmas stuff will still be all over, but the rest will be clean.

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