Sunday, February 22, 2009


Game of Life

I went to Raleigh this weekend, intending to visit my uncles and hang out with them, but instead staying at my brother's house with his roommate(s). I did see my uncles and aunts and we had fun, but Matt's my second brother and it's been a long time since we've had faux-family game night. We played Pictionary first and Sam and I kicked butt...his guess of my drawing for Nelson Mandela sealed the victory. Then we saw Gran Torino - good movie, I recommend.

Matt, JB and I played multiple games of Life. I never really enjoy Life as a kid - it always seemed kind of boring. As an adult, it was a little more fun. I don't know if the game has changed, but insurance and stocks and things like that are used now and we never used them as kids. The one thing that does suck about Life is that it basically always ends up better than your real life. I mean, in one game I was a doctor, making $100,000 each payday (and never landed on taxes, thank you), had a husband, a girl, then twin boys, had a Victorian mansion and a lake house, saw Mount Rushmore, donated money to charities, had a boat and art, invented a mouse trap, discovered a planet, won a Pulitzer and a Noble peace prize, retired in the Millionaires club and still had $2.5 million in cash. Currently, I rent, have no husband or children, don't own anything worth more than $1000 (probably actually less than that), and have a good amount of college loans to pay off. I do kick ass at Pictionary though, so that's something.

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