Wednesday, February 11, 2009


No news

There is not much going on these days. I should try to do something more interesting, not only so that I'll have something to blog about, but also that I am actually doing something.

Oh well. I got a collector's set of all the Harry Potter books for Christmas and just finished reading them again. Then I imdb'd the movies and am super excited that they decided to split the 7th movie into 2 parts - I wish they had done that for Goblet of Fire. Now I am debating about whether to read the Twilight series. I already read a bunch of "dorky" lit or teen lit, so the combo of vampires and 13 year old girls might push me over the edge on this one. But who knows, maybe I should read it. Then again I like to read everything in a series right in a row so maybe I should wait awhile and read them all together.

What else...Layla got her rabies shot last week and it took 30 seconds. The vet didn't charge a crazy amount or anything, but I was gone from work for like 1 1/2 hours for it and it made me wish that I could get do it myself, until I remember that's gross and I couldn't job the dog's back fat with a needle even though I know it doesn't hurt her. She also needs a haircut. That's about all that's new here. Maybe something interesting will happen soon.

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