Saturday, March 21, 2009


Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

This picture was actually taken on Monday so that I could post it on Tuesday, you know, the actual St. Patrick's Day. Then, well, I got lazy and didn't put it up here. This is also the result of about 20 minutes. Layla was fairly patient, but I tried to play with the settings on my camera so take out the creepy eye. I did get a good picture with black eyes, but then the words were fuzzy. Plus, I loved her ears too much here. I had just said "treat".

The Pinehurst St. Patrick's Day parade was postponed last weekend until today, so I figured that I'd take some pictures and post them too. Unfortunatley, the parade was supposed to last from 11-1 (at least that's what the paper and the website said). We got there at 11:20 and it was over. We saw the tail end of it with some girl scouts and an old-timey firetruck.

So, we went to lunch. Here. At least we kept with the theme. And I wore my Ireland t-shirt and the only orange thing I own, which is a Campbell sweatshirt, so I looked the part too. Oh well, maybe next year. Or next holiday...I will have to find something to put on the dog's head. She does have bunny ears.

hey, want to visit me in Europe this summer? I know you're broke but they have cheap flights :)
Yes. But I don't know if I can take off time. I've got beach trip and 2 weddings.
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