Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I went to dinner tonight with a friend of mine. We went here. They've already started green beer (if you want it) and are having specials based on the week & country. This week is Welsh week. I enjoyed the food and the beer and the atmosphere (although I wouldn't have minded sitting in the bar area because it's more fun, but they have smoke there and I don't like that).

The thing that creeps me out about British food is organ meat. I am sure that kidneys and livers and all that stuff are lovely. But they squig me out! Steak and kidney pie was a special tonight. Ew. I know that English people eat the shit out of that stuff so it can't be horrible. I know my grandparents ate weird stuff like liver and onions (ugh). It's something about the word itself that brings to mind something slimy and it just grosses me out. I wish I was more adventurous, but I'm just not. I'd probably try a deep fried testicle if I ever went to Texas (prairie oyster anyone??) and I've tried some other types of food (Greek, Indian etc.) but I just can't do organs. Not yet at least, and I don't think any time soon.

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