Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Me v. Stairs

So, work today was interesting. I was supposed to do juvenile court this morning. For juv. I carry a metal bucket with files and books etc. in it. We use those for superior court too, but not district. Well, as I was walking down the front steps (from now on my mortal enemy), my boot heel caught in my pants cuff. I was able to right myself, but on the next step I was not so lucky. Now, we have approx. 15-20 stairs. I caught myself on about number 4, so you do the math. I flew down the stairs - face first - landed and then bounced and tumbled a few more, all the while carrying the damn bucket. Oh, which I landed on. My face is not happy. A couple of people I work with yelled if I was ok, which I though I was until I felt blood coming down my face. So, someone called EMS. I went upstairs to the bathroom to wash off and stop the bleeding. The worst part is a cut above my lip and on my nose (neither of which required stitches). So I had my first trip to the ER - without shoes btw because my boot heel broke. I was in a neck collar, and X-rays and CT scan later, I'm fine. No broken face or neck! Yay! It looks like I got into a fight. My knuckles are bruised and cut. I have a huge scrape/bruise/rugburn on my chin and cheek and the aforementioned scratches on my nose. My boss drove my bar to my house and she and another co-worker sat with me at the ER and brought me home. They did have to cut off my earrings at the ER, which was sad. Also, I am pissed that my one pair of brown shoes is broken, then again the brown suit I have is also ruined since the knee went bye-bye on the fall. Conclusion - stairs and I are not friends. And hydrogen peroxide does get blood out of clothes.

RYAN HACKMAN! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry! You should have had your friends or family with you! Going to the ER is just a freaking scary event and you should have had your friends or family by your side. I love you Ryan! I'm glad you're ok!!!!!!!
My friends and family are not in NC. Hint - move here.
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