Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My face and your mom

So after my fight with the stairs yesterday, my boss told me to take today off. I'm glad she told me to, because I would have gone to work today otherwise. I needed the sleep (slept about 10 hours). I am pretty much ok - sore neck and bruises down my right side (big ones on the armpit (?), hip and shin. I've been icing my neck and can now turn it side-to-side without wincing. My face still looks a mess, but luckily it's not swelling. I am still picking dried blood out of my nose, so that's a treat.

Today has been productive though. I finished my taxes (feds already accepted- whoot!), read 2 magazines, got scrapbook stuff ready for a project with my cousin and contemplated doing laundry (well it's in the washer, but I have yet to add soap and water - baby steps). I thought about cleaning, but I don't want to lift anything too heavy.

Yesterday I emailed my mom with a recap of the stairs episode along with a picture. I had texted her and my sister from the ER because you're not supposed to use cell phones and I didn't want to get in trouble. My text was, "I fell, in the er, i'm ok". She read the email and thought I was joking until she saw the picture (it's really not that bad, but I am not posting it). My sister was like, I am glad you added the "i'm ok" part to your text because I was in a meeting and couldn't call and if that wasn't there I'd be freaking out.

This morning my mom forwarded me an email to one of my cousins. It was titled "your mom" and I thought it was a joke until I read it - we're doing a surprise of sorts. I emailed her back and was like, you might want to rethink some of your subject lines. Although it did make me laugh a little bit.

Ok, time for a nap, or a movie, or something where I can lie down with an ice pack.

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