Tuesday, March 10, 2009



I went to a surprise b-day party tonight for a sort-of-co-worker. It was really nice, had some drinks, talked, ate some cake. Two things came out of that party for me. First, I love living "downtown" and being able to walk home. That makes free beer so much better (by that I mean I can't get a DWI and/or lose my job). Second, I need to find a husband soon. See this party was thrown by the b-day boy's wife. It was a 40th party, and apparently his 30th was something to talk about. Which brought to mind the whole spouse thing. I need to marry someone damn quick so they can throw me a 30th. Oh well. I guess I can spend it with my cousins on a cruise boat or something.

Umm actually 4 things. Third being edamame hummus sounds kind of gross, even though I like both hummus and edamame, but it was actually really good. Forth being that even though black is often needed for cake decorating, black icing is not good for teeth - everyone looked pretty jacked up after the cake.

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