Sunday, March 15, 2009



I never knew Yahtzee was so fun. I always remembered it as a boring game, but this weekend I went to visit my brother and his roommates and we played a couple of games. Much more enjoyable than I thought. True it's not super drinking sorry, but it's still a fun game. Sadly enough we did not turn it into a drinking game because we only started it today and 2 of us had to drive places. we also played Rook, which sucks. I'd rather play spades or hearts or something else. Maybe if we had kept playing it would have gotten better, but I doubt it. We also played poker and I annoyed everyone by picking acey-deucey. Although I did learn how to play diablo and skank. That's all I really wanted to post about tonight. I might talk more about the rest of the weekend later, but I am sleepy.

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