Monday, April 06, 2009



My cousins' grandfather passed away over the weekend. I didn't really know him, but it brought me to thinking about my 2 remaining grandparents and how it will be weird when they're gone.

It also got me thinking about how difficult it is to console someone who loses a family member or friend. I am super close with these cousins and I don't even know what their grandfather really looks like. I don't know what to say to make them feel better. I will be here (5 1/2 hours away) for them. They can call when ever they need to, even if it's just to cry and for me to be silent. They know this. It's still hard to be on the phone and not be able to help, to ease that pain.

You try to help by saying that the person is no longer in pain, that they had a long, good life, but even as the words come out of your mouth, they sound cheesy. You know they know that, but what they need is something else. You just don't know what the something is and they can't tell you either. Your heart just bursts for them and you can't fix it. Rest in Peace UBD.

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