Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Busy week so far

Last night I had a dinner "meeting" at Elliott's. Very nice and places like that make me want to appreciate wine. I don't and I still think it tastes like drinking vinegar and instead I enjoyed the beautiful bouquet of diet Coke with my steak.

Tonight I had an appreciation dinner that made me feel guilty. I do some volunteer work with our local Teen Court and the rep took volunteers out for dinner. I got 2 "awards" and won a door prize. I felt guilty because while I did do everything he said I did, I don't feel like I did enough to merit an award, much less 2. We went to Russell's, which is a fish camp/pseudo-Golden Corral type place, so of course now I want to crawl in a hole. The hush puppies were worth it though.

Thursday night is a community watch dinner too. Wonder why I haven't gone shopping in a week. But, alas, I am out of cash for the week so I will have to find something to have for lunch tomorrow out of the random crap left in my fridge.

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