Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Marky Mark

So the last 3 movies I've seen at home (2 from Netflix and 1 I bought) all starred Mark Wahlberg (your welcome and haha at the same time, love the Donnie reference).

I enjoyed all 3 movies: Shooter, 4 Brothers and The Departed (which I'd seen before). The biggest problem I had, is that thanks to a guy I went to high school with, all I could hear was, "Hey donkey, how ya doin'? Say hi to your mother for me". Thanks Billy!!!

I am obsessed with Mark Wahlberg :) Hey, what did you do job wise the summer of your 2L year? (i.e. my next summer).
1 L I was an assistant to a professor, 2 L I interned at the DA's office (we get a practice license in NC and can do cases) and 3 L I studied for the bar.
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