Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Ever have one of those days? First I hit myself in the face with a bungee cord (no damage done) (btw I got accident insurance the other day, but it doesn't kick in until 8-1 so I gots to be careful for a week). Then I noticed that I hadn't shaved my legs this morning. I didn't shave on purpose because I thought I had the night before in the tub, but I didn't because I was reading a book and forgot. So I went all day in a skirt with unshaven legs, you know, cause I'm classy like that. Luckily I had shaved them on Monday so they weren't too bad. I'm guessing that nobody really noticed because nobody said anything and the people I work with aren't shy about telling me that kind of stuff. Still. Oh, and I have a huge neck zit to add to that loveliness.

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