Monday, July 06, 2009


Tennis & bug bites

Sorry it's been awhile, but you know, I get distracted.

The 4th was a decent weekend. I got Friday off and drove to Rocky Mount where I met up with my cousin and her friend from college. We went out on a boat, played on the tube, I got random circles of sunburn. On Saturday they had their first annual oyster fest (gross), which was fun. I actually ate a fried oyster (now I don't have to eat another one). Drank a fair amount, danced to satellite radio in front of a big-ass fan and my legs look like I have measles from all the giant mosquito bites I've got. Drove home early Sunday morning and napped in the rain. Missed my brother, but am glad he's almost done.

Here's the tennis part: Roger Federer is awesome, but I've never really wanted to jump him...until I saw this. Hells yea!

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