Friday, April 09, 2010


Good fences

A few weeks ago my landlord hired someone to cut down some old trees and brush near my mailbox and around the driveway. In some ways I was glad because branches kept falling every time there was a storm and I was just lucky none ever did damage to my car. There was a LOT of brush. It was piled in big bunches near the street and luckily was picked up within a few days. There are also random piles of firewood around my yard.

Well today they came back and removed more brush. This is annoying for 2 reasons. The first being that the trimmer hitting rocks is a god awful noise and ruined a perfectly good nap. The second, and longer lasting, is that this time, the brush removal left my neighbor's house in full view. We have a chicken wire fence separating us and the brush covered the fence and went up quite a long ways - 10 feet or so I'd say. They cut it all down except for a few trees, which they trimmed. Now I can see perfectly into my neighbor's backyard and vice versa. The reason this is a problem is because I often let the dog out in the morning sans pants. Now that someone can clearly see me, and more importantly that I can see them seeing me, I will have to put on pants. This angers me. I mean really, I've lived here for 3 years and this is the first time anyone's done this. I feel like they are trying to sell the house or something because it's added a ton of acreage to the yard. I just hope they put up a fence. A really tall fence.

Ryan, I completely understand. In the winter, the condo people cut down all the shrubbery behind my condo and the trees no longer blossom so I have to tail back my walking around sans clothes in my bedroom. But I look forward to summer when everything grows back and I can again walk around sans clothes :)
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