Thursday, April 15, 2010



Today Subway (at least in NC) is having customer appreciation day, meaning it's buy one foot long, get one free. I figured that, as someone on a budget, this would be a good idea: lunch and dinner for the price of 1. So I went to my nearest Subway all excited until I walked in the door (at 1:15 so as to avoid the lunch rush) and heard, "We're out of bread, all we have is salad." Huh, wha? How are you OUT OF BREAD? I understand that you probably used more than usual, but really? You either have bread in the back and are too lazy/dumb to make it or you're just dumb. How are you not prepared to have extra bread on a BOGO day? I mean it's refrigerated bread and you heat it up, so if you have some extra, no big deal, save it until tomorrow.

So, now I am annoyed and really want my subs, so I plug in my Garmin and get the phone number to the next Subway to make sure they have bread when I arrive. I get there, the line is longer than the one before, but guess what? They have bread! And kept making it while I was there, meaning my above analysis of the first Subway having stupid employees/managers was probably correct. So, I got my subs, and a coupon to use later, I just had to drive an extra 20 minutes. Oh well.

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