Monday, June 28, 2010


Sort of bucket list

I read a post called 56 things to do before I'm 25 and stole some of the ideas. While I am well past (does 5 years count as well past?) 25, there are still things I want to do that I think are important. Some of the things on Cassie's list I've already done, so I didn't include them; others are things I don't really want to do, or don't think really belong on my list, so I didn't include those either.

Ride in a hot air balloon
Buy a house
Take a new dance class
Go camping in a state on the west coast
Write a book…or maybe a nice article
Build something
Plant something
Take a road trip with friends (I have taken trips with friends, but not the kind I'm thinking of: a cross-country, stop at random stuff type trip)
Keep a journal for more than a month
Take a risk
Visit 10 landmarks across the US
Make a large purchase without panicking
Be fearless
Learn 10 new religions (or learn more about religion in general)
Fall in love
Change a tire alone instead of just helping
Ride in a horse drawn carriage in a romantic way
Invest in something
Make a decision without questioning myself
Be content
Take a graphic design course
Make a piece of jewelry
Milk a cow
Ride an elephant

I've adjusted some of the list to suit me better, but the only thing I'll add at this point in time is to have a kid, because while I love her lots, Layla is not a baby and I feel like a need a kid or 2 in my life.

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