Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another weird dream

So I'm not going to make this a dream diary or anything, but I had another odd dream last night that I thought I would share.

So I was at a play and for some reason was sitting next to this group of girls who had just graduated from high school. When the play was done, we were all walking back to our cars when they asked if I wanted to go to a bookstore with them, and I did. Then, we were we again walking to cars, they asked if I wanted to go to this one girl's 21st b-day party (she was one of the group of girls who had apparently just graduated, yet she was turning 21 - I don't know). I was like, are you sure? She was like oh yea, we're having a small dinner with this group of girls and my dad, plus he has a special surprise for me, then we're going to a club. So I was like ok. Then, they got in their cars and drove away and for some reason I walked home (oh yea, it was daylight - why we were at a play in the middle of the day, again I don't know). So I walked home (and it was a specific road that I live near now, so I knew where I was and there is nowhere you could go see a play near there).

So then, instead of walking home, I just walked to the place where they were having dinner (and it's now night time). I must have gone home at some point though, because I had a present for this girl (which was a re-gifted stationary set). Then I got to the table and the girls were all excited that I was there. Then, the surprise from the girl's father was that Justin Bieber was going to have dinner with us. So he got there and everyone was like, cool. Then somehow, JB turned into the twins from Zach and Cody, but I thought they were both still Justin.

That's when I started rationalizing to myself in a semi-dream, semi-awake state. There is only 1 Justin, how can he be the Zach and Cody twins? This doesn't make sense. Then they sang a duet of Baby Baby Baby Oh at the table. That's when I woke up, so I guess we never made it to the club.

Please explain, thank you.

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