Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Forgetful me

Sorry as usual for not posting regularly. 2 weeks ago was our annual vacation to the Outer Banks. Then last week, my mom stayed at my house or we stayed at my sister's, and I babysat my cousins as a favor because their nanny was on vacation. This year we celebrated (sort of) my cousin Stacey's college graduation by having an 80s party. We had the 5th annual bocce tournament and I believe the 3rd annual baggo tournament. We also did the 2nd annual Family Feud. It was fun as always but the jellyfish sucked this year which was really the only downside. Here are some pics:

Top Shelf Cousins

Lil' brother at the bar. This was semi-new this year; we did a big switch from beer to liquor. Don't get me wrong, plenty of cases of Coors light were consumed, but liquor was a go-to for many.

Last day on the beach.

My family.

My family on 80s night. Mom and Roll were work out people. Lil' brother was George Michael and I was Punky Brewster.

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