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Kind of complicated story, but I will shorten it. You all know I moved from NC to GA at the beginning of October. You know my brother is stationed in Korea, that a portion of my family lives in Raleigh and that others live in DE.
So. My cousin loves Halloween and wanted to host a big party at her some-what new (they've lived there a year now) house. She had invitations made and sent them to lots of people. Based on my living situation and lack of money situation, I had decided not to go. Same with my other cousin who lives in Memphis. Memphis cousin sort of got roped into going as a surprise for my DE cousin.

(Cupcakes made by Meghan)

Then, my brother and his boss scheduled a trip to DC for a conference the week before Halloween and he was able to take leave after the conference. So my mom and I decided to go to Raleigh and hang out with him since we have limited time to see him. My sister, meanwhile, would only be in Raleigh for a few days because she was leaving to go to a meeting in Berlin for 5 days - bitch.

So then, my DE cousin's parents decided to come down and see my brother/go to a football game and asked if I would ride back to DE with them to also surprise my cousin. That way I would only need a 1 way ticket back to GA.

I will tell you about the visit with my brother in another post - mainly b/c I need the pictures from my mother's camera, but I wanted to give you the background on why I was in DE for Halloween.

So my cousin, her husband and their friends decided to go as Wilma and Fred Flintstone and the Rubbles. We thought about going as Pebbles and Bam Bam until we looked at Bam Bam's outfit and decided against it. So then we got together with DE cousin's family and decided to be the Jetsons. My aunt was Rosie the maid. Her head is a carboard box covered in tin foil with pipe cleaners and pompoms. We made her neckpiece, hat and apron from left over felt. My uncle was Elroy and his son was George. My Memphis cousin was Judy and cut up an old bridesmaid dress. I was Jane and my top skirt was a quilting hoop and Christmas wreath covered in fabric with elastic suspenders.

We made an entrance to the Jetson's theme song and came in in order and surprised DE cousin. It was fun. Then we proceeded to have some drinks, play water pong and my new favorite Wii game - Just Dance.

(My cousin as Cindy Lou Hoo from The Grinch, me, DE cousin as Wilma, Memphis cousin, another cousin as a pirate. We are missing 3 girls - my sister who was in Berlin, one who didn't come, and one who was late but was dressed as a cupcake)

A bunch of my family was able to come and I think we all had a good time - I know I did.

(2 boyfriends as Gingy from Shrek and a hand-made pinata)

I was able to stay for the next couple of days and we played lots of Buzz mega quiz and Just Dance. I also scanned a few more pictures that we found at my grandfather's house and we shredded/burned 50 years of his old taxes and crap.

Sometimes I wish I was closer to my family (distance wise), and then I wonder if it's better that I only get to see them a few times a year because it makes it more special. Either way - great people!

wow, your family really goes all out with the costumes - very impressive!
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