Thursday, November 25, 2010


I didn't even use my AK

I meant to write this post on Monday (which was a good day), but instead I am writing it now so I will include Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday was good day. Great weather, had somewhat of a plan. Got up early (for me), went to get a haircut (needed my bangs cut because I didn't cut them prior to Halloween). I had the same guy who cut my hair last time, who I liked, and had a coupon so the cut (including tip) was less than $10.

Then I went to the mall to pick up something my mom had ordered. I decided to go to Helzburg diamonds with this coupons we had gotten in the mail to get free earrings. I doubted they had any left, but I figured I'd give it shot. Turns out, they did have the earrings and it wasn't just 1 pair, but 3 pairs. Then I returned a whole bunch of stuff for my mom (and 1 thing of mine) with no problems.

Then I went to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 in the afternoon to avoid annoying kids. The theater was mostly empty and overall I really enjoyed the movie (more on that in another post). Then I went home and cooked dinner with my mom and we watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars and I voted for Kyle.

Tuesday I woke up at 4 am, tried to go back to sleep and ended up getting up at 5:30. I got dressed etc. and rode MARTA to the airport. I was expecting heavy traffic there so I left much earlier than my 9:30 flight just in case. I barely had to wait at all in security - 5 people in front of me in my line. Landed in BWI on time with no problems. My grandma was dropped off right in front of the airport and there was nobody in the Delta line at all, so we went right up and got her a wheelchair. We zipped through security (her bag got searched because she had some face wipes in there and the scanner couldn't read them) and got on that plane on time too. We were about 10 minutes late landing that one. Then we got on MARTA and got home 5 minutes before my sister did.

Side note - my dog is part camel. I let her out at 6:15 am and when I got home at 6:20 pm, I was informed by my mother that she had not gone out at all that day. I asked why and my mom said she forgot the dog was there because she didn't make any noise and never came to get her.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have both my sister and grandmother (and mom) all together for a few days. Even though they occasionally get on my nerves, these are probably my 3 favorite women in the world (cousins and a few friends are close to the top too) and I love them with all my heart.

you flew to BWI just to turn around and fly back an hour later?!!!! All just to pick up your grandma?!!!!! Wow.
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