Saturday, November 13, 2010


Why I shouldn't blog at night

I have weird thoughts at night. I don't know if it's because I'm tired or what. Usually I forget these things, almost like dreams, but the other day I jotted down a reminder because I wonder...

Do you think the reason gangsters used to wear their pants with one leg rolled up is because a leader used to wear those pants with the zip off leg at the knee and one day he lost one of the bottom parts at the gym or the laundromat or something, but really liked the pants so he just kept wearing them and dared one of his minions to say something?

Or do you think maybe it was a girl who started the trend because she was shaving her legs one day and ran out of shaving cream after finishing one leg, so she didn't do the other and then it was hot the next day but she didn't want to show her leg hair?**

**Second scenario semi-based on true life: the other day I shaved one leg and not the other. It was pretty bad. Squirrels and deer and other woodland creatures had to move to the non-shaved forest leg. But luckily that only lasted 2 was nice enough today to wear shorts.

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