Friday, May 25, 2007


Wet Dog

My brother is going to watch my dog for me this weekend while I am in New Orleans. I thought it would be a nice gesture to take her for a bath & haircut before I left. So I called the place that normally cuts her hair, a place where it has never been a problem to make a last minute appointment. Apparently they are booked on haircuts through June 8th - wha? And also booked on just baths through Sunday.

So, being the nice sister I am, I decided to give the dog a bath myself. She hates baths, as have all my other dogs. Muddy water - good, clean warm water - bad. I have written about this before. So I got her in the tub, washed her, everything was going ok. Then I let her outside to pee and to sit on the porch and dry off. The idiot dog dug under the porch and came back covered in mud - this is in less than 5 minutes. So I dragged her in the house, where she slipped under her collar, carried her into the downstairs stall shower and turned it on. She was freaking miserable. Mud and dirt was streaming down her legs. Plus, I am basically also covered in mud and have water all over me. So thanks dog. Now I am making her sit in the bathroom until she is dry enough to come out. That's what she gets for being dumb. But at least she smells nice.

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