Sunday, November 09, 2008


Conversation with my brother

I was talking on aim with my brother tonight because my phone is being a pain in my ass. Here's a clip:

RyRy hello brother
Brother Ethan?
Ryry my phone is f-ed up, can you try to call it
Brother Your phone is gay
RyRy yes it is
Brother No answer
R did it go to voice mail?
B yep
R can you try to call roll or mom and see if their phones are messed up too
B nope, dont want to talk to them
R but but you don't have to talk to them, just hang up if they answer, and you'll know their phones worked
B ok, The roll answered so I hung up
R haha, thanks
B I wonder if it will call back
B yup there it is
R are you going to answer?
B yup, I said "what do you want", and it said you called me, It's making beef stew
R ok
B I like beef stew
B I just cut my gum bad on a sunflower seed
R ouch
R and i too enjoy a good beef stew when the weather is chilly
B you dont know the first thing about beef stew
R i know it has beef in it
R and that it's stew
B thats the second and third thing about beef stew
B I like bread
R i like bread too
R what kind of bread are you talking about specifically?
B bread is pretty much delicious
B I dont know, rolls and such
R i agree
R i didn't know if you meant like sourdough or challah or something
B I did lesson 1 of rosetta stone Korean today
R haha
R and? do you know it like michael phelps knows chinese
B Its tough but I know how to say horse, elephant, boy, girl, man, woman, airplane, ball, table
B and the boy is under the plane or over the ball or on the horse and such
B The hardest ones were to tell the difference btw in the plane on the plane and under the plane
R i have a feeling that the phrase "boy under the horse" will come in handy
B they all sound exactly alike
B who knows it might
R so what's up with you?
B almost died Friday

That was basically our conversation (we kept talking after that, but that was the flow of ideas). As you can see, he is insane.

oh my goodness gracious. That is the most awesomest IM convo that I have ever read. Jeff is hilarious...freaking ingenious hilarious. Love it, thanks.
I think that he's not so much hilarious as an idiot, but often they amount to the same thing.
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