Sunday, February 22, 2009


Texts 2

Here's Texts 1 and here are new ones since then:

True of false. Donald Duck is an only child.

Drugs are good.

When thou shalt decideth upon the hour of departure, whilst thou forward notification unto said inquirer?

It's officially the flu. They're giving me some weird ass inhaler.

In about...well now I am.

[In 3 texts, the entire dialogue from Monty Python regarding the Holy Hand Grenade]

Ike is the guy that Wyatt wants to make his head into a canoe

Shoes? For what?

Merry New Years

Your no good what is it?

The fact that I actually know what curling is scares me - I am losing my blackness - of to the hood I go

There is a raccoon behind my house. We are not friends

That girl ain't got shit on you

Nice. Lovely product of the weekend

Sorry. Been watching top model all day

I am sure someone dies since its sparks

I don't watch your face

Didn't see it. Can't remember reading it.

Mcdreamy is a mcdouche

Hells yea

Dr. Mary Minkin said 3

Does it go to kicks like soccer?

That 3d was giving me a headache

Teleflora is a roll co.

I am sitting on my couch and guess what I could use...snuggie

You You You

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