Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hairy Houdini

I don't if I've ever told the story of how Layla came into my life, but basically she followed my cousin home one day and she's been with me for 4 or so years now.

She likes to run away.

A lot.

Obviously it's not just me, as she ran from whoever owned her first, but she's got it pretty good here so I don't get it. I think she just likes the freedom to run wherever she wants to. She used to run in Lillington and I wasn't as worried because she couldn't get into too much trouble as there was nothing there. She always came home in a few hours if I couldn't find her immediately.

Here, it makes me more nervous. There is much more traffic, people and trouble in general. It's not like I let her run by any means. I'm actually pretty careful based on her track record. However, she has pulled a leash out of my hands, eaten through a harness, broken a pincher collar, dug under multiple metal pens, doesn't really respond to an electric collar, squeezed through multiple fences and slipped out of collars. You can't leave her for more than 15 minutes or she's probably gone (as seen here).

Last Tuesday (the 21st) I put her outside at 10:30 pm. Not even a commercial break later I went to check on her. She had managed to get her collar stuck on my exhaust pipe. While I was on my way to pull her off, she slipped out of the collar, turned to look at me, and took off. I ran inside, grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and drove after her. I looked all around, in a wider radius then usual for 2 hours with no luck. I waited for about an hour and drive around again. Still nothing. This is when I started to freak out. She's not chipped and had no collar or tags. I "went to bed" and had all my windows open in case she came back and barked. I slept no more than an hour at a time for 4 hours, got up and drove around again. Called the police, vets, humane society and animal control. Nothing. Called the paper and put in an ad. Put up fliers.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I got on call yesterday (Saturday - the 25th) at about 5 pm. Someone saw a flyer while at Springfest (our town's spring event). She was 2 blocks from my house!! I raced over and called her name. She was like, "hey, guess I've got to go home now" and jumped in my car. Then laid around on the floor all night like nothing had happened.

I am so thankful she's back! I didn't sleep well for the 4 nights she was gone. That also partly explains the lack of posts. I didn't want to write about it for fear that I'd break down.

Now, if anyone has any ideas about how to keep a slippery dog whose is determined to get out, in, please let me know. I've got an appointment to chip her. Idea one is multiple collars with tags so if she slips one, she's got another. Crazy mutt. But seriously, how can you not love this face:

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