Friday, June 26, 2009


Texts 3

Here's 2 and here's what new:

Getting a drink with our other brother

She just compared that girl to a poodle

Dude, Nigel wants to bone her (she's 29 and married) Looks damn good for 29...hell I'd bone her. Not really.

Wrong number big shot [best part, it was the right one]

But he likes it and his name is grampa john

I have one too...might just make banana bread...u think that's ok?

It happens. Sams at the movies. Slits is at work. Jeff is in the army. You're miles away.

I would like #9 better is his shirt was closed - I deduct points for that

So instead I offer you alcohol -it really is your friend

Even if everything else is Blah at least there is so you think you can dance :)

MTV awards...actually the hills...guilty

Yuuumm love tuna

In the butt with a penis

Roger. Remain calm.

Lame, we're gonna drink

Oh yea, shes also wearing her wig

Group therapy gets discounts

Yea. I played "I get knocked down"

Ok I'm sorry. He would love you if you accepted jesus

So its I second that emotion, not secondhand emotion?

Chicago and briefly Indiana

Why don't you take a survey of the guys tomorrow and see which is more gay, then we will decide

Just passed your neighborhood - I waved to your mom

Bacon spinach mac & cheese all the way

Unbelievable...if that's not unwanted contact I do not know what is

Cat Cora's pissed

Jeffrey would like it. The judge, not brother

I'm going to Vegas

They took the body wash

Who sings "this is loving adelaide"? [actual song is this year's love by david grey]

I would squat

Shes' whats holding me back. Her and having to pee sitting down.

It still has girl parts but is scheduled to have them changed next week.

No I'll change it everytime I fly somewhere. My apt is ballin

I googled your name (no real reason for that) - why didn't you tell me you were the son of a famous surfer? I feel our friendship is based on a lie

Now I must find a way to enforce joy

Who the f takes ice cream sandwiches on car trips

whores are out at all hours

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