Monday, July 13, 2009


Second ultrasound

Today I had my second experience with the dildo cam. (To experience the first one, read this). This time, the lights were on when I walked in and they only turned them off once I was up on the dentist chair. They also stepped out of the room to let me change. Again I was asked if I was allergic to latex. The biggest difference this time (other than knowing what to expect) was that there were 2 people in the room. One lady was new at it and was learning. She didn't hurt me or anything, but it was awkward because the 2 techs were talking to each other about my lady parts as if I weren't there. Stuff like, "see I think her uterus is the wrong way" and "yup, you got the ovary" and "there's the cervix, see" and "trying turning it the other way and applying more pressure" was flying over my head while I was staring at a darkened light fixture.

The good news is that I'm ok - no more cyst, no more icky lining. The bad news is that I'll probably have to take birth control to regulate it for a long time. That's not too big of a deal, so all in all I am thankful.

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