Tuesday, October 18, 2005


F'in Ants

So I like to eat cereal for dessert instead of for breakfast. I blame this on my mom because when we were little we only got healthy cereals for breakfast. We once got a coupon for Fruit Loops and we could only have them for dessert. We also made candy necklaces out of Fruit Loops.

I bought Honey Nut Cheerios last week and was all excited about pouring a bowl and watching Friends. I was 3/4 though the bowl when I saw an ant swimming in the milk. Alright, one ant, I can handle that. Until I saw 2 more using an O as a life raft. Then I freaked and checked the box- ants running wild! It was gross. Next I check my other cereals. Lucky Charms got the infestation- that's strike 2 for the Charms. There were no ants in Life nor in Cocoa Puffs. I don't have ants anywhere else in my kitchen or pantry so why these 2 cereals?

You know that creepy feeling you get after seeing a spider when it feels like you've got spiders in your hair or something. Well I have that- on the inside.

Damn ants.

Ewwwww ... I'll have to blog about my maggots-in-pasta experience sometime, that'll make you feel better ... now I'm gonna have to check my pantry for ants, you realize that right?
We once got an inch worm in take out chinese. Now I have to inspect lo mein before I can eat it.
ryan, you disgust me.
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